Greetings my beautiful Cosmic Fluffs~

I am announcing a hiatus as of today. I haven’t been active in the past couple of weeks, sadly. I have been doing a lot of soul searching, still am. I created Cosmic Fluff Creations during a time in my life in which my passion for writing was nonexistent(hence the learning of crochet). Even through many hardships, somehow, my desire to write has returned. I plan to finish my original works and publish them. That is the goal.

I will keep my cosmic fluffs in mind because I also have a story to share of their world. I still hope to bring some sort of excitement into people’s lives through my writing. My writing and tarot Patreon is http://patreon.com/empressarcana and my kofi page is http://ko-fi.com/empress

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me at empressarcana@gmail.com.

Thank you for everything, everyone! Stay cosmically amazing!

Cosmic Menu!~



Hello, all you lovely Cosmic Fluffs!

Tonight’s update is something really special to me. I’ve been wanting to put these services together for a very long time.

I have split the Cosmic Menu into separate packages. You can choose which one fits your needs best. Now, many might be wondering, what exactly is a Cosmic Profile Reading?

Well, a Cosmic Profile is simply a report that supplies you with information about your cosmic makeup. If it isn’t already obvious, I use tarot as my medium of putting together insight for everyone and other such things as profiles or readings.In the Cosmic Profile, you will get information about what cards in the tarot resonate with you from personality to your zodiac cards. Every individual will have a personalized Cosmic Profile written by me. No profile will be exactly the same because none of us are exactly the same.

I offer the Cosmic Sampler for those unsure if they want the full profile package. It will be, as the name suggests, just a sample of what the full profile will consist of.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone interested in a Cosmic Profile, will need to supply their full date of birth. For the full profile it is recommended to know your place and time of birth as well. This is in order to find your rising sign in astrological terms, BUT if you do not feel comfortable sharing that information I do not have to fill out that portion of the profile.

Please send me a message or email me at empressarcana@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these packages. I only currently take PAYPAL (USD). Once we work on the Cosmic Menu items you would like, I will then send you an invoice. After the invoice is paid I will start working on the item(s) you have ordered. ♥

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this! This is my first time posting something like this, so if there are questions or you’re confused about any of the Cosmic Menu items, don’t hesitate to message me.

The fluffs and I also offer other readings upon request!

Stay cosmically fluffy everyone!

Cosmically yours,

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Cosmic Tip #010

My beautiful Cosmic Fluffs,

Yesterday, my father passed away and I’ve been feeling at a loss in many aspects. During these trying times, I don’t want to let my resolve falter though. I am here to introduce another special feature to Cosmic Fluff Creations.

Cosmic tips will not be posted on a daily basis but I will be sharing them from time to time on all social media.

I will use this time of grief to create something I can offer to others during their own dark night of the soul.

Please do check me out on other social medias. 

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Stay cosmically fluffy and lovely everyone.

Cosmically yours,


I’m back!

CHECK OUT COMIC FULL HERE http://bit.ly/2vfgIDu

So, straight to the point, I’m back and will be posting comics every week.
Plushies are still a go but I need to get enough people interested so I can buy enough supplies to make them!

Please do check out all revamped reward tiers on my Patreon http://patreon.com/cosmicfluffcreations !

As it is explained on the comic post over at Patreon, Cosmic Insight is returning but as reward package for being a Patron. I will be adding more cosmic goodies very soon!

Please stick around! I would love to know what you guys think of my Cosmic Fluffs, messages and love are absolutely welcome.

Stay safe and cosmically fluffy everyone!

Cosmically yours,

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Tumblr: http://cosmicfluffcreations.tumblr.com
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Doctor Visit

Hey my lovely Cosmic Fluffs!
Gosh, so much has been happening in my life that I haven’t been giving Cosmic Fluff Creations the love it deserves.
Today I went to the doctor for the first time in a really long time. I’m trying to get better and feel better as well. I’m slowly getting back to my ideas. I just really need to go out with my muses so I can share more goodies with everyone again.
I feel that now that I’m getting the help I need I will be able to produce more content efficiently.
For all the cosmic fluffs out there still reading this, thank you for sticking around. It is a rather slow process and it might turn off many because of lack of updates but I have so much planned.
I really am so grateful for every single one of you!
Have a beautiful cosmically fluffy week!!
P.S. I will soon be changing up the reward tiers on my Patreon because I have even better goodies in store for you all. <3

Happy Holidays and Merry Podcast!

Hello my wonderful Cosmic Fluffs!

It has been awhile since I’ve updated the website. I have been slowly getting back on track of the things I’ve been wanting to do. Due to my current personal complications and no internet when I’m out it has been a little more difficult. But now I can officially say I have a crew, yes a cosmically fluffy crew!! I have been posting over all the social medias about a surprise for a long while. It is official guys, Cosmic Fluff Crew now has a PODCAST.

Yes, you read right a podcast!! So now that that’s out of the way and officially announced, please do stay tuned! Nina will be posting the first episode to the podcast shortly. I really hope you will all enjoy it! Yes, we will be awkward. Yes, we are really geeky. Hopefully, you will all get at least a laugh or two from our shenanigans. Thank you again everyone! Happy holidays and please do check out our podcast in the next post!

Cosmically yours,

Meet Penny the Pumpkin and Josh the Jack-O-Lantern!


Greetings friends!
Yes, I have finally finished these guys and posted them in all possible social medias I am aware of!

Here is Penny and Josh, both are darling cosmic fluffs which were meant to be introduced on Halloween, but life became way too hectic for my liking. This will be a short update because all that I want to say about these guys are on my Patreon. So please to get the full story on these little fluffs go to my Patreon.


Also if you’d like to purchase Josh or Penny please visit my Etsy shop! I will update the shop weekly! Any suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you everyone and as always, stay cosmically fluffy~!


Universal Surprises

Hello friends!

A lot has happened since last week and I feel so overwhelmed. Honestly, I feel the Universe has been bringing about plenty of change into my life, like Tower arcana change, inevitable change that has been delayed long enough. Instead of focusing on the things that haven’t gone right in the past, I would like to focus on all that is going right, right now.

Thanks to family and friends, not only do I have a functional fridge again but a functioning washer and dryer as well! My boss at my day job has been so wonderful too, giving me more hours, doing my best to make mortgage payments.

I just want to say over and over again, thank you, to everyone, everyday, who are there for me, listening to me and keeping me on my toes. Somehow, through this difficult time in my life I’m still here, on my feet, still fighting. Again, to everyone, thank you for existing, for helping me continue existing.

Now, enough of me! There will be proper cosmically fluffy updates very soon!! The Cosmic Fluffs update will be posted over at Patreon either tonight or tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to reveal them! Even if Halloween is over, these fluffs were designed with the holiday in mind and I hope they will be welcomed regardless. I already have the special fluffs for this month too, I just have to crochet them.

Here’s to later tonight, hopefully! Love you all! Remember, stay cosmically fluffy and wonderful!


Let’s get Cosmically Fluffy!

Well, hello fellow Cosmic Fluffs! Wow, this is my first post on this blog. I’m actually really excited. I have so much new material in the works, including and not limited to actual Patreon updates, stories, cosmic tarot readings, and so much more. I am just getting used to updating on wordpress again and everywhere else.

On a personal note I am also preparing something really special for Halloween. I feel this year has been the hardest year yet for many of us. Despite the hardships, one has to keep trucking on because deep down we have such great hope that things will get better.

I will be the first to admit that change is absolutely excitedly terrifying, but in the long run change opens doors to something new and most of the time better. Cheers for that something better!

Please do check out all my social media pages especially my Etsy shop and Patreon! I need all the help I can get!
Love you guys!