Doctor Visit

Hey my lovely Cosmic Fluffs!
Gosh, so much has been happening in my life that I haven’t been giving Cosmic Fluff Creations the love it deserves.
Today I went to the doctor for the first time in a really long time. I’m trying to get better and feel better as well. I’m slowly getting back to my ideas. I just really need to go out with my muses so I can share more goodies with everyone again.
I feel that now that I’m getting the help I need I will be able to produce more content efficiently.
For all the cosmic fluffs out there still reading this, thank you for sticking around. It is a rather slow process and it might turn off many because of lack of updates but I have so much planned.
I really am so grateful for every single one of you!
Have a beautiful cosmically fluffy week!!
P.S. I will soon be changing up the reward tiers on my Patreon because I have even better goodies in store for you all. <3

Cosmic Fluff Podcast Ep3 – Old Anime, New Anime, and Uncharted


 In the third installment of the Cosmic Fluff Podcast, we each give our own personal anime recommendations, discuss some of the interesting new anime coming out this season, and we find out the awesome Uncharted game series isn’t really over yet! With Nanako the chihuahua in the room as always, tune in and join Ancrawl, Neenarooni, and Luci for some casual geeky banter.

Intro music by Digital Math

It’s Your Best Friend

Yesterday, I decided to take some time away from the mundane and see what I would come up with. I was making coasters for family and somehow ended up with this particular coaster of Flowey from Undertale. Depending on the amount of cotton yarn I can obtain in the future I might make some Cosmic Fluff themed coasters and other goodies.

The Cosmic Insight has been put on hold until further notice. I will continue writing them in the near future but I first want to revamp the Minor Arcanians which I introduced last year. I will also be updating the Patreon tier rewards soon to show the new things Cosmic Fluff Creations is offering as well.

More updates soon! Stay tuned for lots of goodies to come. Thank you for sticking around everyone. Have a wonderful day and as always stay cosmically fluffy!

Cosmically yours,


Cosmic Fluff Podcast Ep2 – New Year, New Podcast!

 It’s the the first episode of 2017! We talk about our new obsession with Final Fantasy XV, animes we like that are getting another season this year, projects we’re working on, and announce our new series: Tea Time with Nina and Luci! We also give some heartfelt sentiments towards the end. Featuring Nanako, as always, and a silent Tomoky-sama in the background.

Personal Blog Posts: We Are Family

Hello my lovely Cosmic Fluffs!
I just want to say first hand sorry for not updating as often as before. I’m still going through many lifestyle changes, which have caused me to be more emotional than usual. Yesterday I went to see my aunt from mom’s side. I hadn’t seen her since my mom passed away. It was incredibly emotional for me. On top of that, my dog, Cloud (one of my personal cosmic fluffs) got hurt yesterday and was bleeding from his nose and I got so scared. He is better now but that was the start of my day. The rest of it consisted of the biggest headache ever and very loud music and voices from my family’s side. Trust me, I would have had more fun if I didn’t feel like my head was going to split in two.
Thank you for everyone and anyone that stumbles upon any of the Cosmic Fluff social medias, especially reading through these personal update posts.
Slowly, I’m getting my life in order but I am aware it can be quite the process. You’re all wonderful. Please do stick around for more updates.
Love you all and remember stay cosmically fluffy!
Cosmically yours,

Cosmic Fluff Podcast Ep 1 – And the podcast is born (to make history)!

Happy Holidays and Merry Podcast!

Hello my wonderful Cosmic Fluffs!

It has been awhile since I’ve updated the website. I have been slowly getting back on track of the things I’ve been wanting to do. Due to my current personal complications and no internet when I’m out it has been a little more difficult. But now I can officially say I have a crew, yes a cosmically fluffy crew!! I have been posting over all the social medias about a surprise for a long while. It is official guys, Cosmic Fluff Crew now has a PODCAST.

Yes, you read right a podcast!! So now that that’s out of the way and officially announced, please do stay tuned! Nina will be posting the first episode to the podcast shortly. I really hope you will all enjoy it! Yes, we will be awkward. Yes, we are really geeky. Hopefully, you will all get at least a laugh or two from our shenanigans. Thank you again everyone! Happy holidays and please do check out our podcast in the next post!

Cosmically yours,

Meet Penny the Pumpkin and Josh the Jack-O-Lantern!


Greetings friends!
Yes, I have finally finished these guys and posted them in all possible social medias I am aware of!

Here is Penny and Josh, both are darling cosmic fluffs which were meant to be introduced on Halloween, but life became way too hectic for my liking. This will be a short update because all that I want to say about these guys are on my Patreon. So please to get the full story on these little fluffs go to my Patreon.


Also if you’d like to purchase Josh or Penny please visit my Etsy shop! I will update the shop weekly! Any suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you everyone and as always, stay cosmically fluffy~!


Universal Surprises

Hello friends!

A lot has happened since last week and I feel so overwhelmed. Honestly, I feel the Universe has been bringing about plenty of change into my life, like Tower arcana change, inevitable change that has been delayed long enough. Instead of focusing on the things that haven’t gone right in the past, I would like to focus on all that is going right, right now.

Thanks to family and friends, not only do I have a functional fridge again but a functioning washer and dryer as well! My boss at my day job has been so wonderful too, giving me more hours, doing my best to make mortgage payments.

I just want to say over and over again, thank you, to everyone, everyday, who are there for me, listening to me and keeping me on my toes. Somehow, through this difficult time in my life I’m still here, on my feet, still fighting. Again, to everyone, thank you for existing, for helping me continue existing.

Now, enough of me! There will be proper cosmically fluffy updates very soon!! The Cosmic Fluffs update will be posted over at Patreon either tonight or tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to reveal them! Even if Halloween is over, these fluffs were designed with the holiday in mind and I hope they will be welcomed regardless. I already have the special fluffs for this month too, I just have to crochet them.

Here’s to later tonight, hopefully! Love you all! Remember, stay cosmically fluffy and wonderful!


Let’s get Cosmically Fluffy!

Well, hello fellow Cosmic Fluffs! Wow, this is my first post on this blog. I’m actually really excited. I have so much new material in the works, including and not limited to actual Patreon updates, stories, cosmic tarot readings, and so much more. I am just getting used to updating on wordpress again and everywhere else.

On a personal note I am also preparing something really special for Halloween. I feel this year has been the hardest year yet for many of us. Despite the hardships, one has to keep trucking on because deep down we have such great hope that things will get better.

I will be the first to admit that change is absolutely excitedly terrifying, but in the long run change opens doors to something new and most of the time better. Cheers for that something better!

Please do check out all my social media pages especially my Etsy shop and Patreon! I need all the help I can get!
Love you guys!